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Ideas how to give golf certigicate as gift

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Our electronic golf gift cards are great for when you need to give a last minute present. We also have physical golf gift cards if you would like spice up a card. With the PGA TOUR Superstore gift card, you have the option of sending a physical card or emailing to the recipient for more convenience.

Can I still use a Golfsmith gift card?

Golfsmith stores are no longer accepting payments with gift cards, as a separate liquidation company is clearing out the merchandise. The good news, kind of: Golf Galaxy will accept Golfsmith gift cards eventually, but not until after the liquidation sale is over, likely after Christmas.

Where can go play golf gift cards be used?

Go Play Golf gift cards can be redeemed using our website to play golf at over 5,000 golf courses nationwide, allowing golfers a tremendous variety of courses to choose from.

How do you gift a round of golf?

Golf Gift Certificates can be purchased for any amount. The recipient may choose any Tee Times USA golf course or apply the certificate toward any Tee Times USA golf package with lodging.

Does CVS sell golf gift cards?

Go Play Golf Gift Cards are currently sold in over 30,000 retail stores, including Target, Kroger, Walgreens, CVS, Best Buy, Lowes, Safeway, Albertsons, Walmart and many more. Go Play Golf Cards are the ultimate present for anyone who wants to buy a golfer a meaningful gift.

Can you buy gift card for Pebble Beach golf course?

Pebble Beach gift cards make a great gift for anyone who is coming to the resort or just loves Pebble Beach. Our gift cards do not expire and are good for lodging, green fees, food and beverage, spa treatments and merchandise and apparel from our shops and of course they can be used right here on our website.

Can you golf at Pebble Beach without staying there?

Given that eye-popping sum, you're probably wondering: Is it possible to play Pebble Beach without staying onsite? The short answer is yes — but non-resort guests can only book a tee time 24 hours in advance, while resort guests have an 18-month booking window.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I use a Pebble Beach gift card?

Pebble Beach gift cards can be used for all amenities at The Pebble Beach Resort, including lodging, green fees, restaurants, retail shops and the world-famous Spa at Pebble Beach.

What should be included in a gift certificate?

A gift certificate should include:
  • The recipient's name.
  • The amount awarded.
  • The expiration date.
  • An authorized signature.
  • Contact details.
  • Any other relevant information.

Is a gift certificate a good gift?

Is Giving a Gift Card a Good Present? A gift card can be a good present for both the recipient and the giver. Sometimes it's hard to choose a gift for someone, and an open-loop card, from Visa or MasterCard, for example, lets the recipient buy what they want. Gift cards can be very convenient to purchase and use.


What is a good gift card to get?
Think of it like a department store with curated goods for people who like the kinds of things that everyone else doesn't already have.
  • MasterClass Membership. MasterClass Membership.
  • Cloud 9 Living Gift Card.
  • Gift Card.
  • Amazon Gift Card.
  • Thrive Market Gift Card.
  • Spa Finder Gift Card.
  • Airbnb Gift Card.
  • Etsy Gift Card.
Where can I use a Go Play golf gift card?
Worldwide Golf Shops Go Play Golf gift cards can only be used online at Worldwide Golf Shops and are not redeemable in any of their physical store locations.
Where can I use my Golf Town gift card?
Golf Town E-Gift Cards are redeemable for merchandise at any Golf Town store location, at or via the phone. This card cannot be redeemed for cash except where otherwise required by law.

Ideas how to give golf certigicate as gift

How do I use a Go Play gift card? For booking a course, go to: At redemption request, enter your gift card number. For merchandise, shop online and during checkout, under payment select: 'Use Gift Card'. Enter your gift card code and PIN then tap, 'Add'.
Did Golfsmith go out of business? Golfsmith was purchased at auction by Dick's Sporting Goods. Most Golfsmith stores closed on December 28, 2016. Any remaining Golfsmith stores were converted to Dick's Sporting Goods or its Golf Galaxy brand.
  • How to get free golf stuff?
    • Search your local Buy Nothing group. The Buy Nothing Project, where people post anything they'd like to give away to their neighbors, has local groups worldwide, including all over the United States. Find and join your local group on Facebook and see if anybody has posted their golf clubs to give away for free.
  • Did Dick's Sporting Goods buy Golf Galaxy?
    • DICK'S Sporting Goods' acquisition of Golf Galaxy in 2007 cemented its position in the golf industry as it became the largest specialty golf retailer in the United States. The latter, which opened its first store in 1997, offers major brands of clubs, apparel, shoes, golf balls, bags, technology, and accessories.