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How to get discounted gift cards

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How to Get Discounted Gift Cards: Unlocking Savings on Your Favorite Brands

In this guide, we will explore the wonderful world of discounted gift cards and how they can help you save money while enjoying your favorite brands. Whether you're a savvy shopper or looking for the perfect gift, this resource is here to assist you. Discover the benefits and conditions for using discounted gift cards, and start unlocking incredible savings today!

I. Understanding Discounted Gift Cards:

  1. What are discounted gift cards?
  2. How do discounted gift cards work?
  3. Why should you consider using discounted gift cards?

II. Benefits of Using Discounted Gift Cards:

  1. Significant savings: Enjoy discounts ranging from 5% to 30% on gift card purchases.
  2. Flexibility: Use discounted gift cards just like regular gift cards, both in-store and online.
  3. Stackable with other discounts: Combine discounted gift cards with store promotions, coupons, and sales for even greater savings.
  4. Gifting made affordable: Buy discounted gift cards for friends and family, making your budget stretch further.
  5. Access to premium brands: Obtain discounted gift cards for luxury and high-end stores that may typically be out of reach.

III. How to Find Discounted Gift Cards

There are countless sites out there that buy people's unused gift cards and resell them at a discount. If you have any unused gift cards or digital gift card codes you know you'll never use, you can sell them to get some of the value back in cash. The cards are then made available to buy at a discount.

What is the best discount gift card site?

The Bottom Line, Cardpool, Raise, and CardCash are just a few of the many websites that sell discounted gift cards. There are several others, and all offer the same basic service: a way to buy retail store gift cards for less than face value.

How can I save money on my gift card?

Seven ways to save on gift card purchases
  1. Buy discounted cards. You shop the sales for your holiday gifts, right?
  2. Shop with reward points.
  3. Look for special discounts from local retailers.
  4. Watch out for fees.
  5. Don't pay for shipping.
  6. Regift your unwanted cards.
  7. Sell unwanted cards.

What are discounted giftcards?

Discounted gift cards are vouchers that are sold to buyers at a price that is less than their worth. For example, the $100 worth of gift card can be sold to a buyer at $85. The buyer would be saving $15 with that kind of deal. These gift cards can be bought online or over the counter in stores that sell gift cards.

Where can I get gift cards without paying a fee?

  • Best Buy essentials.
  • Insignia.
  • Rocketfish.
  • Yardbird.

Where should I keep gift cards?

I keep them in my purse in a credit card wallet with a small sticky note on each one and change the amount on the sticky note when I use any of the money off a card. My wallet only holds the bare necessities, so I also carry an old coin purse that I use for gift cards and store loyalty cards.

Where do you keep all gift cards?

Android smartphones: Android Pay After installing the app, tap the + button and tap 'add a gift card'. Choose a retailer, enter the card details (scan the barcode if possible) and hit 'save'. You can access all your gift cards alongside your payments cards from the main screen of the app.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I manage multiple gift cards?

Use card management apps There are a number of card management apps that can help you track your spending and consolidate the balances of multiple gift cards. Some popular options include Venmo, Greenlight, and FamZoo.

How do people sell gift cards for cheap?

5 Best Places to Sell Gift Cards for Cash and Discounts
  • CardCash. Founded in 2009, CardCash is a no-frills marketplace to buy and sell gift cards.
  • ClipKard. According to its website, ClipKard accepts physical gift cards from about 100 retailers – including partially used ones.
  • Gameflip.
  • GiftCash.
  • Raise.

Does Target discount apply to gift cards?

Hear this out loudPause5% discount does not apply to the following: Target GiftCard; Visa, Mastercard and American Express prepaid cards; Game On DraftsKings, and other sports betting gift cards; and Starbucks gift cards purchased at Starbucks locations within Target stores.


Are Costco gift cards cheaper?
Hear this out loudPauseOne major benefit of buying gift cards at Costco is that you'll often find them priced below face value. For example, you might spend less than $100 for $100 worth of gift cards to a certain restaurant.
Do you get 5% off gift cards with red card?
Hear this out loudPauseWhether you're shopping for a birthday, wedding or holiday, you can use your Target REDCard to earn 5% off on specialty gift cards for travel, restaurants, movie tickets and more. (Note: Gift cards you buy for use at Target itself won't qualify for this offer.)
Where can I buy legit gift cards online?
Cardtonic remains the best site to buy gift card online, including but not limited to iTunes, Amazon, Steam Wallet, Google Play, Apple Store, eBay, Walmart, Sephora, OneVanilla, Nordstrom, Target, JCPenney, Best Buy, Nike, Macy's, Gamestop, Xbox, Vanilla, OffGamers, Foot Locker, Visa, Play Station and other gift cards

How to get discounted gift cards

Where is the safest place to purchase gift cards? While eGift cards are more secure than physical gift cards when purchased in a store, purchasing digital and physical gift cards is safe on a website like Gift Card Granny or directly from a retailer. When using a reputable website, there is no chance for a criminal to tamper with the card before it gets to you.
Who pays the best for gift cards? 5 Best Places to Sell Gift Cards for Cash and Discounts
  • CardCash. Founded in 2009, CardCash is a no-frills marketplace to buy and sell gift cards.
  • ClipKard. According to its website, ClipKard accepts physical gift cards from about 100 retailers – including partially used ones.
  • Gameflip.
  • GiftCash.
  • Raise.
How to save money when buying gift cards? Buy discounted cards Or check out an online gift card exchange, such as CardHub, CardCash, Gift Card Granny, Cardpool and “You'll pay less than face value, so you're actually getting free money on each purchase,” said Marc Ackerman, co-founder of
  • Where is the safest place to buy gift cards?
    • Electronic gift cards are more secure than physical gift cards. Purchasing gift cards directly from the retailer's site or on a reputable third-party website evades many possible scams. Keep an eye out for red flags on gift card websites, like crazy discounts, a poor user interface, or typos throughout their site.
  • Is it cheaper to buy gift cards in bulk?
    • Buying gift cards in bulk brings a lot of advantages Last but not least, buying corporate gifts in bulk can serve as a great cost-saving method. You can save a lot of money and have an effective and efficient way to reward your employees and customers all at the same time.
  • Where to get gift cards at a discount
    • Nov 2, 2021 — 10 Places to Find Gift Cards on Sale · 10. Your Credit Card Reward Program · 9. Grocery Stores · 8. Costco · 7. · 6. Amazon · 5.