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Blade and soul how to purchase a item as a gift from the hongmoon store

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Feb 7, 2016 — I believe its a function where you can type in another players name and it will mail them a request to purchase the item for you.

How do you mail items in Blade and Soul?

You have to be premium or level 15. Go to the npc that handles mail/shop/marketplace/vault. Send your stuff to alt from there. Warning, its very expensive to mail to alts at lower levels.

How do you invite friends on Blade and Soul?

F4 or go through the menu bar for "friends" and type in your friend's name. You should be able to add each other.

Can you transfer costumes in Blade and Soul?

Only the outfits you buy from F10 and the ones you get from events are able to be transferred across characters iirc. To transfer them, go to the vault, mail, and write. Put in the outfit you want to transfer and enter in the recipient of the outfit which should be one of your characters.

Is Blade and Soul still worth it?

Blade and Soul definitely isn't a game for everyone, but if you are a fan of Martial Arts games, it's one of the best MMOs out there. Blade and Soul is worth playing in 2023 due to its unique art style and fast-paced combat system. It is frequently updated with new content and events.

Can you play Blade and Soul with friends?

Invite a friend to play Blade & Soul and you both can get rewards! Now that the Unreal Engine 4 Update has launched, this is a great time to invite a friend to join you in your adventure in the Earthen Realm. Help your friend reach level 60 and you both can score a bundle of items!

How much RP does 25 dollars give?

3500 Riot Points League of Legends Riot Points $25 Gift Card ? 3500 Riot Points -

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get Hongmoon coins in Blade and Soul?

Hongmoon Coin This currency has a slim chance of dropping from Daily Quests reward boxes. with a Venture Token, Brilliant Venture Token or Sparkling Brilliant Venture Token, players can obtain various amounts of Hongmoon coins.

Where can I get soul coins?

How To Find Every Soul Coin
Soul CoinLocation
Soul Coin #1Dank Crypt
Soul Coin #2
Soul Coin #3
Soul Coin #4Moonrise Towers

Can you gift to friends in Lost Ark?

However, you can exchange silver for gold at certain NPCs in the game, so you can gift them to your friends. But I don't recommend you do this. If your friends are missing Lost Ark Gold, actually the best and fastest way is to find a reliable seller and get Lost Ark Gold from them, like MMOWTS is great.


Can you trade people in Lost Ark?
yes, you can, but trade is available only at lv. 30. other than that, you can send mails to friends attaching the item you want to give. if i remember correctly, it costs 3.000 silver to send a fast mail, or only 30 to send a slower.
How do you trade Gold in Lost Ark?
Lost Ark Support The Currency Exchange allows players to trade Royal Crystals for Gold or Gold for blue Crystals. The Purchase Gold and Buy Crystals tabs in the Currency Exchange show the exchange rate when submitting a transaction. Once the transaction completes, you can claim your purchased currency.

Blade and soul how to purchase a item as a gift from the hongmoon store

How do you transfer outfits between characters in Blade and Soul? Hear this out loudPauseYou go to the storage npc and click on mail, you put the outfit and glasses in the male but the total cost of transfer still wont show up until you type in the character name which you would like to send it to.
Can you marry in Blade and Soul? Hear this out loudPauseHowever, this can be limited by setting up 1 marriage per account or a marriage can only happen between two different accounts and/or must be premium members only.
  • Is Blade and Soul gender locked?
    • Hear this out loudPauseClasses are currently locked to specific genders, meaning only men can be warriors, only women can be mages, and so on, but franchise lead Soomin Park told Eurogamer that this will change over time.
  • How to gift item cash shop wildstar
    • Sep 23, 2015 — Each fresh day that you log into WildStar, you'll be given a free gift. These can even include consumables directly from the cash shop. And